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El Mariachi Mexican Experience brings the true essence of Mexico to your celebrations. Let’s create unforgettable memories together!

Our mission is to share the richness of theMexican culture through unique premium experiences that will carry you all the way to Mexico City.

We offer Convenience, Authenticity, Excellent Service and a sense of Community.

The ultimate Mexican Experience

We tailor events based on your own personal taste and personality. We offer a unique service for you, whether you like it spicy, sweet or maybe just want to be surprised.

Our tacos and drinks made in the moment will call for all your senses to open up; with its vibrant colors, unique smells and mouthwatering sensations.

Our Mariachi band will make you dance and sing to the rhythm of the most popular songs in the mexican culture.

Surrender to the experience of El Mariachi and let us spoil you on your next event, whether it’s private or corporate we have the right option for you.

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Have you ever been to Mexico?

Whether your answer is yes or no;
our ultimate Mexican experience will make you feel like you are in Mexico.

Our food and drinks; as authentic as they can be; our warm and welcoming service combined with our desire to share our culture on every step of your Mexican experience; will all make you fall in love with Mexico reminding you of what it was or making you want to be there in this very moment.

Frequently asked

We will transport you to a restaurant in Mexico city or Oaxaca where you will feel spoiled; we emphasize that your senses will be stimulated by our food and drinks with different colors and shapes, in addition vibrant smell and taste.

Our experience is individually tailored to your own personal taste. We will have an introductory call to understand the type of celebration you are having, what you like and don’t like; and based on this we will give you options that will make your celebration unique and memorable, the sky is the limit.

Our experience is an end-to-end service where you will be stress free and will take care of everything. We will prepare for you and your guests: food and drinks; from appetizers and welcome drinks to more food and more drinks along the way.

Our service includes menus, plates, glasses, cooks, servers, bartenders, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages; and many more surprises; everything you need to have a great time.

Since this is a personalized service, the costs vary from customer to customer. Depending on your needs we will tailor your experience and estimate costs based on it.

About El Mariachi

Our founder Daniel Arce; born and raised in Mexico moved to NYC in 2010 where he immediately felt the passion of sharing the Mexican culture; particularly food; with the world.

He always looked for the most authentic restaurants in the city; the ones that would truly transport you and make you feel at home.

It was with that in mind that after moving to Switzerland in 2020 he decided to share with the swiss people that feeling creating the Mexican experience.

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